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CLIMB    UP    THE    WALL    TO    YANA

"Climb up the wall to Yana" celebrates the life and career of singer and actress Yana, (Real name Pamella Guard).

Yana always spelt her Christian name Pamella, and chose the stage name Yana, by which she is best known.

Yana was a very talented lady, being a singer, actress, and model, as well as speaking seven different languages. This web site provides just a glimpse of the career of a lady whose career and life were relatively short, but who was generous, thoughtful, adaptable, attractive, and who lived life to the full.

This web site is therefore dedicated to Yana's special and lasting contribution to the world of music and stage.

In 2016 : Remembering Yana's life and stage career.


Climb    Up    The    Wall    To    Yana :

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Yana, (Pamella Guard), became famous during the 1950s, and her career in television and stage spanned the period from the mid 1950s to the early 1980s. Yana's career began when she left school, and started doing modelling work, and was on the books of the International Gaby Young Agency where she was described as "The perfect five foot two", and also worked as a catwalk model for D.H. Evans and Selfridges. With her 36-19-35 statistics, she was very popular, and was often seen at London's nightspots, such as the Astor, where she went to see Billy Daniels, who invited the audience to the microphone to sing. Yana went on stage, and sang "Baby Face", which she sang so well that the audience asked for more! The owner of the club, Bertie Green, subsequently offered Yana a singing spot at the Astor, where she was seen one night by BBC Producer Bill Lyon-Shaw, who offered Yana a chance to appear in Variety Parade, which was the opportunity which set Yana on the road to success in television, radio and theatre.


The picture below shows Yana modelling some expensive jewellery, which was quite an expensive item in 1956!


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Yana was born on 16-2-1932 in Romford, Essex, and sadly died in London on 21-11-1989.

 Yana's UK Record Releases and Sheet Music:

Climb up the wall  /  If you don't love me (HMV POP 252)  (1956)

Mr Wonderful  /  Too close for comfort  (HMV POP 340)  (1957)

I need you  /  I miss you mama (HMV POP 481)              (1958)

Papa and Mama  /   In the morning (HMV POP 546)        (1958)

Small Talk  / Something happened to my heart   (Columbia DB 3660)  (1955)

Cinderella Original London Cast Recording, 1958  (See below)

I'd give you the world  (Sheet music)

The naughty lady of shady lane (Sheet music)

Blue Star  (Sheet music)





During the1950s, it was unlikely that you missed Yana on television or on radio, or even in the newspapers or magazines. Several examples from various magazine articles are shown below. Despite this, very little is heard of Yana today. This web site has been created to bring together some special  memories and pictures of Yana, who was a truly wonderful television and stage performer.

Listed above are some of Yana's records from the 1950s. Yana's records are quite hard to find, and often attract high prices owing to their rarity.

Many thanks to Theo Morgan for information about Yana, including an interesting biography which will be added to the site shortly. Also, Theo advises that some of the songs above, although sung by Yana, may not have been released on record, and only the song's sheet music produced, showing Yana as the singer. This is because, during the 1950s, sheet music often showed the singer of a song which had been sung on television, but not actually recorded by the performer.

Sheet music was very much in vogue prior to the introduction of the 45 rpm record.  Consequently, songs such as "Blue Star" may have been sung by Yana on stage, but not actually recorded as a 45 rpm record.

 Many thanks to Brian Walsh for sending in some excellent cuttings of Yana. 

Special thanks also to Chris Woodward, for providing some excellent memorabilia from the time he worked on stage with Yana and Tommy Cooper. Chris is a well-known performer in his own right, and has also written a comprehensive book about the definitive history of the London Palladium, (See below).  Chris has kindly sent in links to the book and details of where Yana appears. These links can be found in the Yana Memories page of the site.

Chris has also sent in some excellent memorabilia and photographs, including Yana's appearances at the London Palladium, which can be seen on the Yana Memories (2) page. The details about the London Palladium are with kind permission of Chris Woodward.


Also, very many thanks to Mr  J. Kinchen who knew Yana well for over 30 years, and who has sent in some fascinating memories of Yana.

Similarly, John Harrison has provided an excellent article about Yana's registration number, YG1, and also some marvellous memories from Ray Brace, which can be found in the Yana's Life page.

These special personal memories from Ray Brace, Stage Manager and General Manager at The Queen's Theatre, Blackpool, 1960/1961 are the Yana's Life page, including some wonderful photographs, one of which can be seen below:-

Bill Huggins has also provided the excellent picture above of Yana in 1959, with Bill and his sister.  Any more information about Yana is always welcome.

Yana's songs are hard to find on record, and no CD of Yana's extensive recordings, (From her recordings or from her T.V. shows), has ever been produced.

Only three songs of Yana's have appeared on compilation CDs, these being "Climb up the wall", "If you don't love me", and "Small talk". These compilation CDs are shown on the BIOGRAPHY page. This is surprising, as Yana was always on television, radio, and on stage in the 1950s and 1960s, and her recorded material remains very difficult to find.


There are, however, some excellent recordings of some songs by Yana on the Cinderella original London cast recording from 1958, where Yana sang solo, as well as with other cast members, such as Tommy Steele.  Details of this 1958 recording are shown on the Yana Memories pages.


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CLIMB    UP    THE    WALL    TO    YANA

 A   Tribute   to   Pamella   Guard




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Many thanks to Gordon for his encouraging comments about "Climb up the Wall to Yana":

"Many congratulations, you have done a brilliant job. I'm a great believer in preserving the memories of our stars from yesterday who have provided us with so much entertainment:  I have also constructed a tribute website for Billie Anthony .... "






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Many of the items shown have been provided by people who remember Yana, knew her personally, or who were associated with Yana's work on television, radio and stage. Thank you for helping to make this web site so special!

This site has been created to ensure that Yana's memory lives on. Your contributions to help remember Yana will therefore be much appreciated. Please send your memories to the email address above. 

Many thanks for visiting this special site dedicated to Yana.    Ian Preece