Dedicated to Yana : Pamella Guard


Here are some more interesting pieces of information about Yana, beginning with Yana being featured on David Jacobs' great radio show. Who can forget David Jacobs' Collection show on Sundays on Radio 2?

Further below are also some memories of Yana from Ray  Brace and John Harrison, and also one of Yana's stage Contracts at Blackpool, and some more great photos of Yana.


David Jacobs played one of Yana's songs from "Cinderella" on 18th September, 2011 on his Radio Two show. Yana as Cinderella is pictured above.

Details of the records played are shown below:-

Pete Moore Orchestra I Love You Samantha

My Fair Ladies, COLUMBIA, SX-6162
  • Lena Horne with Marty Paich And His OrchestraI Concentrate On You

    Lovely & Alive, RCA, 74321-421252
  • Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy Davis Jr. Hey There

    SAMMY DAVIS JNR Greatest Hits, The Entertainers, CD-302
  • Tommy Steele and YanaWhen You're Driving Through The Moonlight/A Lovely Night

    Cinderella Original London Cast, BAYVIEW RECORDING COMPANY, RNBW-018
  • Percy Faith Percy Faith The Girl From Ipanema

    Percy Faith 16 Most Requested Songs, COLUMBIA, COL-472417 2
  • Richard Burton CAMELOT recording

    Camelot Original Broadway Cast Recording, COLUMBIA, SK-60542
  • Irby Ranniar, Scott & Geoff Hoyle & Kajuana ShuforI Just Can't Wait To Be King

    Lion King (Broadway Cast Recording), WALT DISNEY, 0927434-912
  • John Wilson & His OrchestraYou Go To My Head

    Moonlight Becomes You, VOCALION, CDSA-6808
  • Bing Crosby & Buddy Cole TrioStraight Down The Middle

    Bing Crosby The Collection, CASTLE, CCSCD-275
  • Rosemary Clooney & Earl Sheldon OrchestraManhattan

    Everthing's Rosie!, HINDSIGHT, HCD-255
  • Jerry Vale Old Cape Cod

    Jerry Vale: 17 Most Requested Songs, COLUMBIA, CK-40216
  • Bob Hope & Shirley RossWhen We're Alone Penthouse Serenade

    Universal Legends, UNIVERSAL, 112-263 -2
  • Michael Bublé Michael Bublé Summer Wind

    Michael Buble, 143/REPRISE, 9362-489916 2
  • André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra Easy To Love

    Unknown, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN-0000000000000000
  • Andre Kostelanetz with Douglas Fairbanks Jnr.Fresh As A Daisy

    Cbs : 88 103, CBS, 88-103
  • Eydie Gorme with Don Costa's OrchestraIn The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

    Eydie In Love, HMV, CLP-1250
  • Pete Moore Orchestra I Love You Samantha

    My Fair Ladies, COLUMBIA, SX-6162

     Many thanks to Ray Brace for these memories of Yana:

    Have just read your tribute to Yana, and enjoyed it.

    Yana appeared at the Queens Theatre Blackpool in 1960, I was stage manager at the time, and also 1961, when I was General manager.

    Have attached 4 photos, one on stage with George Formby, Jimmy Clitheroe, and Tony Dali. The second a box office card for that same show.

    The third attachment is a photo in August 1960 when she was godmother to my son, the godfather was George Formby.

    Yana and her manager at that time, Joan Coles were very dear friends of myself and my ex wife. At that time Yana had opened a small store in London selling baby cloths, and at her insistence almost all the baby cloths my son wore were supplied by Yana.

    In all the years I’ve spent in show business Yana was the kindest sweetest person I ever met, and a great performer, her Climb Up The Garden Wall was always a show stopper, she would shine a mirror on the audience, and pick out the person to sing it to.

    Everybody in the cast ar staff were in love with Yana.



    Ray Brace


    I would like to thank John Harrison for sending in this excellent article and clips, (See below), about Yana's YG 1 Registration Number:-


    YANA AND YG 1 by John Harrison

    Between 1955 and 1962 it was possible to pay £5 to a local authority to have a previously voided registration reissued. Most vehicle registrations comprising one or two letters followed by one or two numbers to be seen on our roads now are £5 reissues from this period and, having been acquired for £5, are now worth a lot more than this. Yana Guard used this facility to obtain the number YG 1 from the West Riding of Yorkshire. It is very likely she got the idea for this from the ukulelist George Formby with whom she had an affair and who owned and had no doubt obtained by the same means GF 1 and GF 2.

    In 1961 there was a strange sequence of events relating to YG 1. On 12 April 1961 the Russian Yuri Gagarin became the first person to travel in space. Three months later on 11 July 1961 he embarked on a three-day visit to Britain. This included a parade through London in an open-topped Rolls Royce and this was fitted with YG 1 number plates. Space travel was, of course, new and exciting at this time so this visit featured prominently in the national papers.  This coverage included pictures of the Rolls Royce and mention of its number plate.

    Not surprisingly, Yana got to hear of this and was possibly indignant that her number plate had been cloned. She contacted the Ministry of Transport who confessed to having made a mistake in authorising the use of the number. Yana, however, decided to seize the moment and achieve some publicity. Although the visit was just a three-day one she drove down from Blackpool to London and arranged to meet Yuri Gagarin. When she met him, she presented him with the set of plates off her car for him to take back to Russia and bought herself a replacement set of plates. This story was picked up by one of the London papers of the time, so she clearly achieved some publicity.

    Yana subsequently sold YG 1. As her popularity was declining she probably wanted to raise some money and this was a way to do it. It now belongs to Eileen Howard who owns Yates Garage, Hampton-on-Thames. It is at the time of writing (September 2011) on a Mercedes Benz E230 Elegance.

    John Harrison is interested in vehicle registrations as a hobby and edits a quarterly newsletter on the subject, “1903 and all that”. If anybody would like to see a sample of this and have subscription details, write to him at 175 Hillyfields, Loughton, IG10 2PW, enclosing a large stamped addressed envelope with a stamp to cover the postage for a 250g large letter.



    Below is a history of Yana's career, which Mr J. Kinchen has very kindly sent for inclusion on this site:-

    The information I have includes with various pictures is also interesting, as I was not aware of some of it, & according to the info, she started off life as a Model, before discovered singing @ London's Astor club during a private party, circa 1954, the result of this appearence gave her other venues & Record contract with Columbia in the 1950's, which included songs such as 'Small Talk', 'Something happened to my heart', 'Climb up the wall', 'If you dont love me', 'I miss you Mama', 'I need you', 'Too close for comfort', 'BlueStar', 'Papa & Mama', 'In the morning', 'I'd give you the world', & 'Mr. Wonderful'

    She started her own TV series with the BBC in 1956, & appeared on reguler basis on the Sunday night at the London  Palladium show on ITV.

    In 1958, she starred in Cinderella @ the London Colliserum.  She also appeared with Norman Wisdom in “Turn again Whittington”, & was a crowd puller throughout the 1960's & 1970's.

    She also sang a version of 'White Xmas' on the Dave King TV show, & was a reguler guest in his TV series.

    Her last appearance on stage was in 1983, but was one of guests on lunchtime show on ITV's Motoring show from Motor Museum in New Forrest in Spring of 1984, which was a light hearted quiz show with Pete Murray  and Floella Benjamin.


     Below: A Harold Fielding Contract issued for Yana:





    John Beck has a wonderful collection of Yana items for sale, as per below. If you are interested, please contact the site via the email address, or via the email address which John has provided below, and advise your offer, which John will consider:-

    Yana Collection

     I purchased this collection at Ardingly Antiques Fair about 20 years ago.  I was told it was from the estate of her manager.


    Hereunder a list of what it contains.


    *47 Programmes featuring Yana in Panto and Variety shows 1950’/60’s including some cabaret appearances for private companies.  Most have photos of Yana.  There are a few duplicates.

    *Plus programme for the Royal Command Performance @ Coliseum 1958


    *13 Theatre and show billboard and other advertising posters on paper and card.  Most show card size (A3 plus size) with 2 copies for Dick Whittington measuring 20” x 30”


    *12 Yana sheet music including a couple of duplicates.


    Misc Yana items: -


    *Royal Household Ball 1957 (@ Windsor Castle) programme plus Christmas card to Pamela Guard from the Committee of Royal Household Social Club.

    *Christmas Card from Yana (c/o Hippodrome Bristol)

    *Grange Garage (Uxbridge) opening (1960) with Yana as guest of honour

    *Postcard size photo of Yana signed by her.

    *Fleetwood brochure (c1960’s) including photos of Yana

    *Press brochure? For Cinderella at Coliseum Christmas 1958 (20 plus stapled pages)

    *Certificate from “The Rats Revel Society” thanking Yana for her “valuable contribution” (1957). 

    *Letter from OC Alan Goford Cyprus District (Navy) thanking Yana for her visit to Ark Royal (c/w Ark Royal brochure)

    *Handwritten and signed letter (1961) from Sophie Tucker (on Savoy Hotel paper)   thanking Yana for her telegram.

    *Letter (typed and personally signed) from Tommie Connor (songwriter) to “My dear Yana” commenting favourably on her performance of his songs.


    *A folder containing a dozen misc Yana related items including some theatre flyers.


    I wish to sell the collection “as a lot” and would consider sensible offers.

    My email address is johnbeck29@btinternet.com


    Many thanks – John Beck